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VAN NORMAN FG5000 / FG10000
Flywheel Grinders

VAN NORMAN offer a range of flywheel grinders which have been the most widely accepted in the United States for over 40 years.  These tried and trusted machines put flywheel grinding into the realm of the less skilled operator.


The VAN NORMAN Model FG5000 has a work piece capacity of 24" in diameter and a vertical head travel of 8.75", providing the capability of handling most flywheels you are likely to encounter.


For those companies requiring even greater capacity, the VAN NORMAN Model FG10000 has the same work piece capacity of 24" in diameter, with a vertical head travel of 10.50".


The direct drive, high torque turntables on these machines require very little maintenance and the 5HP and 10HP, 3 phase main motors, fitted to the FG5000 and FG10000 respectively, supply plenty of power for grinding.





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