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Valve Seat & Guide Machines


The versatility of this range of machines makes them equally well suited for working on the older type classic cylinder heads of yesteryear, and cylinder heads found in today’s multi-valve engines.


They can be used for a wide variety of machining operations.  For example cylinder heads with integral valve seats and/or valve guides can be machined to accept removable valve seats and guides or bronze valve guide liners.  They can also be used for the machining of valve spring seat platforms and valve guides to accept non-standard valve stem seals.


When you are using the ROTTLER SG machines with their air-float head system with 15° tilting quill and cylinder head rollover fixture, you can be confident that your operator will be able to position the quill centreline in exact alignment with each valve guide.

Twin–bladed milling heads for the machining of valve seat insert counter bores are available in increments of 1/16”. The milling heads are equipped with 4-point index-able, and replaceable carbide tips.

ROTTLER have patented a unique spring free, spherical self-aligning seat cutting system for the SG series machines, and their carbide tip-holders for 3-angle seat cutting, accept the industry standard carbide tips, which are available to cut the throat, top-narrowing angle and seat angle at the same time.

ROTTLER testify that their new ‘SG’ machines can be proven to cut valve seats more accurately than any other valve seat and guide machine within its price range. This is partly due to their solid, slow tapered carbide pilots, which do not rotate in the guide.

The variable speed and reversible motor provides the machine with additional versatility such as its use for the replacement of press fit rocker studs by drilling, tapping and replacing with threaded studs.

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