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PEG Orbital Valve Seat Grinders

The PEG Orbital Valve Seat Grinders are excellent machines for the smaller company with lower production, for use on more specialised work or for those who do not wish to grind seats at the bottom of a bore.


The main savings with orbital valve seat grinding is found by comparing its accuracy to unkeyed concentric grinding types.  You will find so much lapping time is saved by orbital grinding that on this point alone most of our customers justify the purchase.

It is not necessary to oil the pilot on the PEG valve seat grinders due to the machines inner eccentric sleeve only rotating at about 20rpm on the pilot.  This in turn means that grinding dust cannot combine with oil to wear the pilots, so you do not have to replace pilots as often to retain accuracy, as you do on unkeyed types of concentric valve seat grinder.

The single point contact grinding action means that you do not have to dress the grinding wheel very often so the grinding wheels will last you about six times longer than the wheels used on a concentric grinder.

The micrometer feed allows you to be in control of the grinding action at all times which is very useful when grinding the throat of valve seats you are producing with 3 angles.


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