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IRONTITE Range of Flush and Sealants for Engine Cooling Systems


This range of IRONTITE products was specifically designed and tailored to the needs of the engine rebuilder. Fondera Limited has been distributing these products to the industry for over 40 years. Any of these products can be used alone for their intended purpose. However, engine specialists have found using all three products in conjunction with each other offers the most effective result that any chemical process for stopping coolant leaks can provide.


Use ThoroFlush to thoroughly clean the cooling system removing rust, corrosion, and other debris along with "neutralizing" any remaining coolant solution or oil based products. This is the industry’s most powerful flush product. (It can also be used in a removed fuel tank to prepare it for a welding repair. Neutralizing the residual fuel makes it much safer for the patching process).


Next, use Ceramic Motor Seal to fully coat the inside of the cooling system with a thin layer of ceramic.  It will seal porous or blemished areas of the casting, as well as any potentially weak areas, for example where parts or surfaces join with each other such as head gasket locations, head bolt studs and cylinder sleeve areas.


Finally, use All Weather Seal. This can often be used alone to successfully seal existing leaks.  Its ability to emulsify with any kind of engine coolant mixture and stay that way circulating in the system, makes it a great preventative for any potential future leaks as well as sealing existing leaks.


So you see how using all 3 products can be the most thorough method for getting the best possible results from any product to stop and/or prevent cooling system leaks.




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