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Universal Pressure Tester

The DELTA Pressure Tester, designed and built by a Canadian engine rebuilder, is one of the heaviest, and probably the most robust tester on the market. It is constructed from heavy duty welded steel and all components have been zinc plated to prevent rusting.


DELTA have given more thought and provided more equipment and stronger

clamps for sealing ports on the sides and ends of the casting than other manufacturers.  Many manufacturers expect the engine rebuilder to rely on adhesive to attach plates on the sides and ends of the casting.


You will find most types of cylinder heads can be tested, with the standard equipment supplied, without the need to produce your own blanking plates. The cylinder head or block to be tested can be sealed so effectively that a valid leak-down test can then be carried out at 60 PSI and if a crack is not present the pressure can be retained indefinitely.


A three-way valve is available which allows three methods of testing.  a) Using

air pressure while checking for leaks with a bubble solution. b) Using hot water

and air pressure with the water retained in the cylinder head.  c) Using cold water

and pressurising with air.


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